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1What is this community all about?
A resource of information, support and ideas from industry stakeholders - agents, financial advisors, wholesalers, distributors. Ask the community something specific or search the growing database of questions and answers. This is civilized place for industry discussion. Join the conversation or simply use the community as a peer resource.
2Why join the community?
Take a penny. Leave a penny. The majority of the resources in our business are a one way conversation. The content coming at us every day offers little or no opportunity for discussion, elaboration or clarification. The community is a growing resource and knowledgebase.
3Who's in the community?
Canadian financial planners and life insurance industry professionals. Agents, brokers, advisors, wholesalers, distributors - basically, anyone with an interest, role or position in the Canadian financial or insurance industry.
4Is there advertising?
No. There is no advertising in the community. However, insurance carrier staff are permitted (and encouraged) to give detailed product descriptions and support.